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The Heritage Council has a variety of general and technical publications available to answer common queries about heritage buildings and the conservation of those buildings.

Many of the publications can be downloaded from our website. Copies of other publications may be obtained by contacting the State Heritage Office.

For Archived Publications, please see our Archived Publications page, or contact the State Heritage Office for more information.


Annual Reports
Heritage Matters eNewsletter
Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990)
2015 Heritage Matters
Overview brochure
State Register of Heritage Places
Guide to Developing Heritage Places
Heritage in Action Adaptive Reuse
Heritage in Action Residential
Buying and Selling Heritage Listed Residential Properties
Heritage Works
Image Use Agreement Form
inContact with Heritage Specialists
Researching Heritage Places
State Cultural Heritage Policy
Strategic Plan 2015-19
Heritage Matters eNewsletter past editions
Insuring your heritage-listed property
Dealing with Flood Damage Fact Sheet
Dealing with Storm Damage Fact Sheet


 Assessment & Registration                                                                                     
State Register of Heritage Places Brochure
State Register Place Nomination Form
Assessment Criteria for Cultural Heritage Significance
General Guide to Undertaking Assessment
Register Assessment Documentation- Standard Scope of Work
Register Assessment Documentation- Style Guide
Assessment Template
Heritage Themes
Researching Heritage Places
Image Use Agreement Form
Guide to Preparing an Archival Record
State Register of Heritage Places (Updated April 2016)


 State Government Heritage Property Disposal Process (GHPDP) Toolkit
GHPDP Introduction
GHPDP Brochure
GHPDP Referral Form
GHPDP Digital Image Standards
Image Use Agreement Form
Researching Heritage Places


 Conservation & Development                                                                             
Conservation Management Plans
Conservation Management Strategy
Development Assessment Framework
Renewable Energy Systems
WAPC & State Government Agencies Development Referral Checklist
Local Government & Redevelopment Authorities Development Referral Cover Sheet
State Government Development Referral Form
Archaeological Excavation Application Form
Guide to Developing Heritage Places
Heritage in Action- Adaptive Reuse
Heritage in Action - Residential
Heritage Impact Statement
Policy for Corrugated Metal Roofs
Guide to Preparing an Archival Record


 Maintenance series                                                                                                   
Cleaning Stone Masonry
Removal of Paint from Masonry
Repair of Tongue & Groove
Slating, Tiling & Roof Plumbing
Timber Repairs
Wood Preservation
Salt Attack and Rising Damp


 Heritage Tourism and Marketing                                                                                                      
Heritage Tourism Strategy of Western Australia
Heritage: Your Business Advantage



Local Government                                                                                                     
Basic Principles for Local Government Inventories
Criteria for the Assessment of Local Heritage Places
Local Planning Policies- Practice Notes and Examples
Architectural Heritage and Performance-based Building Codes
Conservation Guidelines for Building Surveyors
Freedom of Information, Complaints and other documents               
Freedom of Information Form
Public Interest Disclosure Form
Complaints Form
 Declaration of Interest Guidelines
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (Word Version)


Review of the heritage act               
Discussion Paper- Review of the  Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990)
Consultation Paper- Review of the  Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990)
Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990


Property Institute Report     

inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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Heritage is integral to the vibrant life and prosperity of Western Australia.
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