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Annual Reports

Image of front cover of the 2013/14 Heritage Council Annual Report

2013/14 Heritage Council's Annual Report

• 2013/14 Heritage Council Annual Report PDF 3.85MB

• 2013/14 Heritage Council Annual Report:

Section One: Overview, Operational Structure, Performance Management Framework, Agency Performance,   and Significant Issues.  PDF 3.75MB
Section Two: Disclosures and Legal Compliance. Appendices: PDF 1.8MB

• 2013/14 Heritage Council Annual Report Word Version 843KB

2012/13 Heritage Council's Annual Report

Picture of the front cover of the 2012/13 Annual Report
2012/13 Heritage Council Annual Report
PDF, 2.04 MB

1.0 Overview
PDF, 508.59 KB

2.0 Operational Structure
PDF, 178.93 KB
<a sfref="[documents]72a6f549-b1d4-4bc0-a3c1-229236170cb4" title="<br> 3.0 Performance Management Framework " href="/docs/annual-report-2013-updated-docs/hc-2013ar-3-pmframework.pdf?sfvrsn=2">
3.0 Performance Management Framework
PDF, 59.40 KB

4.0 Agency Performance
PDF, 837.47 KB

5.0 Disclosures and Legal Compliance
PDF, 444.52 KB

6.0 Appendices
PDF, 97.57 KB

2012/13  Heritage Council's Annual Report (Word Version)

Picture of the front cover of the 2012-13 Annual Report

Past Annual Reports

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