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Noel Robertson

Noel has had more than 20 years experience in town planning, specialising in heritage. He has worked at the City of Perth for more than 15 years in the Strategy Unit. In his current role as the City’s Principal Heritage Officer, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the City of Perth Heritage Program, which is a State and national leader in what it delivers. Prior to this appointment, Noel worked for the City of Swan in the Town Planning Department. Noel is driven by what the potential of heritage can deliver to all sections of our society and is committed to delivering this in a holistic and inclusive manner.


  •     Masters in Heritage Management, Birmingham University
  •     Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, Curtin University of Technology
  •     Bachelor of Arts Town Planning, WAIT
  •     Principal Heritage Officer, City of Perth
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Heritage is integral to the vibrant life and prosperity of Western Australia.
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