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Minister, Councillors and Committees


Hon Albert Paul Jacob MLA

Minister for Heritage; Environment. 

For Minister Jacob's media statements, click here.

Heritage Council

The Heritage Council has nine members including a chairperson, four community representatives and representatives of local government, professional associations, property owners, representatives from the National Trust of Australia (WA). People appointed to these positions are professionals with relevant expertise.

Chairperson & Members

Anne Arnold, Chair
Philip Griffiths, Heritage Professions representative
Nerida Moredoundt, Community representative
Lloyd Clark, Community representative
David Heaver, Community representative
Alice Steedman, Community representative
Professor John Stephens, National Trust of Australia (WA) nominee
Dr Brad Pettitt, local government representative
Rob Druitt, owners' representative

The Register Committee and the Development Committee consist of heritage and community representatives who meet frequently to assist the heritage Council in its decision-making.

These, although are not formal members of the Heritage Council, play an important role in heritage operations.

Register Committee 

The Register Committee determines the priority of assessment for all places nominated to the State Register; reviews assessment documentation of places under consideration; and makes recommendations to the Minister for Heritage of places deemed to have State level cultural heritage significance.

Phillip Griffiths (Chair)
Prof. John Stephens
Nerida Moredoundt
Dr Brad Pettitt
Fiona Bush
Peter Woodward
Dr Sue Graham-Taylor
Renee Gardiner

Development Committee

Proposed major changes to places listed in the State Register require formal consideration and advice by the Heritage Council. The Development Committee provides this advice for large-scale or complex projects, except when a project is particularly sensitive in which case it is dealt with by the full Council.

Anne Arnold (Chair)
David Heaver
Lloyd Clark
Alice Steedman
Jennifer Marschner
Tony Ednie- Brown
Gerald Major
Chris Antill
Rob Druitt

The 2016 meeting dates for the Heritage Council, Register Committee and the Development Committee are as follows: 

Heritage Council
Register  Committee
Development Committee
No meeting January No meeting January 19 January
12 February 26 February 23 February
11 March 01 April
22 March 
08 April 29 April 26 April
13 May  27 May 24 May
10 June  24 June 28 June
08 July 29 July 26 July 
12 August 26 August 23 August
09 September 30 September 27 September
14 October 28 October 25 October
11 November 25 November 22 November
09 December 09 December 20 December

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